Bookcases & Shelving

Display books, photographs and your favorite memorabilia on stylish bookcases and shelves. Opt for classic hardwood bookshelves, or add modern flair with open shelving.  You will find choices in wood or steel, open shelves or closed cubbies, leaning shelving units or free-standing.  Free shipping!
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CFC Monte Open, Tall Bookcase, Reclaimed Lumber/Steel, 83.5" H
Greenington Currant Solid Bamboo Bookshelf
From $1,192.00 - $1,251.00
Greenington Currant Solid Bamboo Leaning Bookshelf
From $726.00 - $755.00
Greenington Magnolia Solid Bamboo Shelf, Caramelized
Greenington Studio Line Leaning Shelf, Exotic Bamboo
Greenington Studio Line Metal Shelf, Exotic
Greenington Studio Plus Book Shelf, Amber
Masaya Apanas Shelf
Masaya Watson Standing Hardwood Shelves, Handmade
Noir Aqueduct Classic Arches Monolithic Bookcase, A, Black Metal, 59" H
Noir Aqueduct Classic Arches Monolithic Bookcase, B, Black Metal, 91" H
Noir Aqueduct Classic Arches Monolithic Metal Bookcase, C, Black Metal, 72" H
Noir Arco Cathedral-Like Arched Tall Shelving Unit, Dark Walnut, 86.6" H
Noir Bauhaus Bookcase, 46" Mid Century Modern, Walnut
Noir Belini 2-Drawer, Stacked Cubes Bookcase, Mahogany, White Wash, 74" H
Noir Botta Sophisticated, Minimal Bookcase, Ebony Walnut w/Black, 85.5" H
Noir Cubist Bookcase, 34" Dark Walnut, Wood
Noir Dido 6-Shelf Versatile Walnut Bookcase, Black Metal, 32" W
Noir Diem Industrial Sleek Contemporary Bookcase, Black Steel, 69.5" H
Noir Downtown A Linear Tower Bookcase, Black Metal, 83" H
Noir Downtown B Linear Tower Bookcase, Black Metal, 75" H
Noir Foster Sleek Sophisticated Bookcase, Black Steel, 77" H
Noir Haru Bookcase Large, Black Metal with White Stone
Noir Haru Dark Walnut Screen Bookcase
Noir James Spiral Sculpture Shelving, Black Metal, 65" H
Noir Johnson Bookcase, 32" Charcoal Black, Sungkai Wood
Noir Koko Tribal Sleek Contemporary Bookcase, Black Steel, 65.5"H
Noir Ladera Stacked Disc, Racetrack Shelves Bookcase, Mahogany, Pale, 77" H
Noir Laszlo Black Metal Bookcase
Noir Lenox Minimal Sophisticated Bookcase, Black Steel, Ebony Walnut, 82.5" H
Noir Luna Architecturally Simplistic Bookcase, Black Steel, 87" H
Noir Marquise Industrial Simplistic Bookcase, Black Steel, 88" H
Noir Mood Quirky Conical Bookcase, Ebony and Dark Walnut, 77" H
Noir Mr. Roberts Steampunk Artisan Shelving, Ebony Walnut, Steel Legs, 83.5" H
Noir Nico Ebony Walnut Bookcase
Noir Ochoa Black Metal Bookcase
Noir Opal Bookcase, Teak
Noir Paloma Sleek Simplistic Contemporary Bookcase, Black Steel, 70.5" H
Noir Passage Bookcase, Ebony Walnut
Noir Pearce Washed Walnut Bookcase

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